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Business Startup Centre Bitola

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Ins Media

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ins-media 2Ivan Chulakoski, INS Media – Bitola

INS Media, a company that works in the field of marketing, advertising and printing, is one of the supported companies by BSC Bitola and Business Incubator – Bitola through the USAID project Business without borders. The owner, Ivan Chulakoski took the opportunity to participate in the Business Plan Competition (BPC) organized by BSC and to open his own company. This competition motivated Ivan to make his first step to realize the idea of having his own company. "Our original beginnings were in September, 2011 with Jungle TV for their video production needs. Soon after the start we bought a small printer and started with printing business cards. The engagement and support that we received from BSC contributed to the purchase of a plotter and the possibility to work with larger capacity only a few months after the start." - says Ivan.

"Today we are able to produce flyers, business cards, paintings on canvas, poster photographs, posters, etc. We still have successful cooperation with Jungle TV that has evolved in complete production program, recording, editing, advertising and selection of shows for the TV station."

Asked how BSC helped in his early beginnings, Ivan answers "We are very pleased with the Business Start-up Center. They gave us access to lower costs for office space and sharing of experiences with other Business Incubator tenants. Also, the BSC has helped us in successful networking and developing cooperation with other supported companies. Thanks to the attained trainings we learned how to do marketing strategy, to find new customers and how to make sales easier."

"We are still a startup, but we are going forward in a successful development. In the near future we plan to open a larger facility with greater capacity and plan to hire additional 3-5 people." - says Ivan and recommends all who intend to deal with business: "Be optimistic and persistent in achieving your business idea, regularly attend the trainings organized by BSC and participate in the BPC. I received support from BSC through the USAID project Business without borders when I needed it the most."